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 If your yard is wet, but it hasn’t rained in days chances are you need a French drain system. A French drain system usually consists of aggregate and drain tile that is installed underground and transfers standing water to another location. Sometimes catch basins and downspouts are connected to this system to better aid the transfer of water. (click image for larger view)

french drain

Sometimes a dry creek bed can be installed to accomplish the same thing. A dry creek bed can be either machine or hand dug, contoured for esthetic purposes and filled with assorted size river rock. The dry creek bed will carry the surface water to another location allowing your yard to stay dry.

dry creek bed installation

When downspout piping is not installed, wet soggy yards can be a real nuisance and an eye sore. Beautiful sod will deteriorate and your lawn becomes impossible to mow. Standing water can seep into a basement or crawl space causing your foundation to erode. Downspout piping can be attached to your existing downspouts and installed underground to carry water away from your foundation or problem area.

Downspout Piping

When the grade of your lot contributes to the problem, machine grading is a service that we provide to correct many types of drainage and erosion problems. Often, we can redirect surface water by installing a berm or swale. Piedmont has skid steers and smaller types of earth movers for this type of work.

grading services

Like we said earlier... With the right knowledge and equipment, most of these issues can be easily corrected!



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