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Piedmont Irrigation Installation and Repair Services

Call to schedule an Irrigation Audit for $129 or click here to fill out our online quote request form.

For more than 40 years Piedmont Landscape has been designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining irrigation systems in Athens and the surrounding areas. Through the years, we have developed knowledge through experience to handle any irrigation problem or project you may have.

The Piedmont team will respond quickly, work efficiently, and strive to give you top notch service.

If you have an existing landscape, our team can install a new sprinkler system with minimal disruption and destruction. Today, there is a wide array of irrigation products available to fit your needs. Piedmont Landscape can design and install the most efficient system to keep your landscape healthy and thriving.

If you have an existing sprinkler system, please call our office to schedule an Irrigation Audit to get your system ready for spring use or to winterize the system for the winter. 

Irrigation Audit Services Include:

Main line inspection Rotor and sprinkler head inspection & optimizing alignment  
System controller, replace battery & properly set timers Drip line & emitter inspection  
Valve inspection & electrical connections Rain sensor inspection  

The Irrigation Audit will include a list of sprinkler system repairs that are needed and the estimated cost of the repairs. If no repairs are needed, the system will be ready for use, free of misaligned and clogged heads, with the timer properly set for all active zones. The average cost for a residential Irrigation Audit is $129.00

Contact us at 706-206-9166 or click to fill out our online quote request form.

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